Hopea parviflora Bedd.
Family                        : Dipterocarpaceae
Local Names              : Irumbagam, Kambagam, Iron wood of Malabar

Flowering and fruiting period: January – June  
Distribution: Southern Western Ghats
Habitat: Evergreen and semi-evergreen forests, along in the plains in sacred groves
IUCN status: Vulnerable
Endemic: Yes
Uses: Wood is used extensively in house construction, for planking, as piles for bridges, for making platform boards, agricultural implements, source of tannin.  
Key Characters: Evergreen trees, to 35 m high, buttressed, bark light brown or grey. Leaves simple, alternate, ovate, lanceolate. Flowers bisexual, creamy yellow, in unilateral terminal and upper axillary, tomentose racemose panicles. Sepals 5. Petals 5. Stamens 5, rarely 10. Ovary superior, glabrous, ovules 2 in each cell; style short, subulate. Fruit a nut.