Peltophorum pterocarpum (DC.) Backer ex Heyne
Synonym                    : Inga pterocarpa DC.
Family                        : Caesalpinioideae
Local Names              : Charakonna, Yellow flame tree, Copper pod tree

Flowering and fruiting period: Throughout the year 
Distribution: Native of Sri Lanka, Andaman’s, Malaya Peninsula and North Australia
Habitat: Planted as ornamental tree
IUCN status: Data Deficient
Endemic: No
Uses: Avenue plant, ornamental. In traditional medicine it is used as an astringent to cure or relieve intestinal disorders after pain at childbirth, sprains, bruises and swelling or as a lotion for eye troubles, muscular pains and sores.
Key Characters: Trees with young parts brown tomentulose. Leaves bipinnate, alternate, pulvinate; pinnae 10-12 pairs, opposite, margin entire. Flowers bisexual, golden yellow, in terminal or lateral racemose panicles; calyx lobes 5, ovate; petals 5, subequal, crinkled; stamens 10, filaments free; ovary half inferior; stigma peltate. Fruit a pod.