Dypsis decaryi (Jum.) Beentje & J.Dransf.
Synonym                    : Neodypsis decaryi Jum.
Family                        : Arecaceae
Local Names              : Triangle palm 

Flowering and fruiting period:
Distribution: Native of Madagascar
Habitat: Grown as garden plant
IUCN status: Vulnerable
Endemic: No
Uses: Ornamental, hedge plant, its fruits are known for their high nutritional value
Key Characters: A solitary, drought tolerant, medium-sized palm with arching pinnate fronds arranged in three distinct vertical rows, forming a triangle at the top of the trunk. Trunk solitary, brownish-grey, prominent ringed with old leaf scars. Fronds pinnate, bluish-green to silvery-green, arranged in three rows or ranks; leaflets narrow, especially on the lower leaflets; petioles brown, covered with a whitish wax, growing on three sides of the trunk, forming a triangle. Inflorescences moderately-branched, yellow to green.  Fruits ovoid, ripening from green to red.