Berrya cordifolia (Willd.) Burret
Synonym                    : Espera cordifolia Willd
Family                        : Tiliaceae
Local Names              : Trincomalee wood tree
Flowering and fruiting period: March - November

Distribution: Indo-Malesia
Habitat: Grown as ornamental tree
IUCN status: Data Deficient
Endemic: No
Uses: Timber yielding, the plant has been grown in windbreaks and shelterbelts, a fibre of low quality is obtained from the bark
Key Characters: Tree to 15 m tall. Leaves alternate, simple, ovate-oblong, cordate at base, undulate at margin, acuminate at apex, glabrous on both surfaces, stellate-pubescent when young. Flowers numerous in lax axillary and terminal panicles; buds globose. Petals oblong, obtuse, ultimately reflexed. Stamens numerous, inserted on a short receptacle. Ovary 3 loculed. Fruits are capsules, which are globose, pubescent with 6 horizontally spreading blunt thin wings; seeds with brown to yellow caducous bristles.