Ficus fergusonii (King) Worthington
Synonym                    : Ficus altissima Blume var. fergusoni King
Family                        : Moraceae

Flowering and fruiting period: July – December 
Distribution: Native of Sri Lanka
Habitat: Introduced and getting naturalised
IUCN status: Data Deficient
Endemic: No
Uses: Latex is obtained from the trunk and stems. It can be used to make a rubber, but this is of lower quality than the rubber obtained from Ficus elastica. The fibrous bark is used for cordage.
Key Characters: Small trees with aerial roots on or near the trunk. Young parts whitish puberulous, soon glabrous. Leaves spirally arranged, elliptic or ovate-elliptic. Figs sessile, axillary, paired, ripening orange-red; basal bracts 3, ovate, obtuse, broader than long, free; body subglobose or obovoid, with 3 flat apical bracts in a small disc. Tepals 3.