Terminalia paniculata Roth.
Synonym                    : Pentaptera paniculata (Roth.) Roxb.
Family                        : Combretaceae
Local Names              : Manjamaruthu, Flowering murdah

Flowering and fruiting period: August – February 
Distribution: Peninsular India
Habitat: Moist and dry deciduous forests, also in the plains
IUCN status: Data Deficient
Endemic: Yes
Uses: Timber yielding, tannin source
Key Characters: Terminalia paniculata are deciduous trees, surface brown, rough,. Leaves simple, lower leaves subopposite, upper alternate, elliptic, oblong, margin entire. Flowers bisexual, white, sessile, in axillary and terminal panicles, tomentose. Calyx, lobes 5, cream, triangular, villous within. Petals 0. Stamens 10 in 2 rows. Ovary inferior, 1-celled; ovules 2 or 3, pendulous. Fruit a drupe.