Calophyllum inophyllum L.
Synonym                    : Calophyllum blumei Wight
Family                        : Clusiaceae
Local Names              : Punna, Surampunna, Dilo oil tree, Indian laurel
Flowering and fruiting period: December – January

Distribution: Paleotropics
Habitat: In plains along the banks of rivers and mangrove forests, also planted in the parks and roadsides
IUCN status: Least concern
Endemic: No
Uses: Biodiseal, ornamental, timber yielding, source of oil for lamp 
Key Characters: Tree, to 20 m tall; bark smooth or with boat-shaped fissures, brown to pale grey; exudate milky or yellow. Leaves broadly elliptic-oblong or obovate. Racemes axillary. Flowers polygamous, white, fragrant. Sepals 4, reflexed. Petals usually 4, obovate to elliptic, reflexed. Stamens numerous; filaments connate, into 4-6 bundles, cream coloured. Ovary globose-depressed; stigmas peltate. Drupes globose to obovoid.